Advantages of using MonstaCommerce for your online store or inventory display

Customers expect to find stuff online. We make it easy!

They go to a search engine, type in what they are searching for, and expect it to appear. Currently only large businesses and chains appear in product search results. MonstaCommerce formats your website display so when it is crawled by search engines like Google, your products appear on search results.

Compete with the Big Guys!

Large corporations and chains have the resources to create and maintain an ecommerce platform while others are locked out. Your business may be more convenient to customers, have a better price or better service. If customer’s can’t see your products on the Internet, though, you don’t exist.

MonstaCommerce solves the sales tax problem

MonstaCommerce is a full-featured marketplace facilitator. That means that we can take care of your sales tax collection and payment processing. Your proceeds are deposited directly in your account by ACH while we take care of calculating sales taxes, filing sales tax forms and collecting payments. We remove barriers to create success!

Your place is our place

MonstaCommerce is modular and widget-based. In most cases, your ecommerce store can be readily integrated into your existing website. Your inventory actually lives on our servers but displays on your website. That means you don’t have to buy or maintain extra equipment.

Need a website? No problem!

For businesses that don’t yet have a website or that need a refresh, MonstaCommerce has you covered. We can provide you with a state-of-the-art website using standard tools.

We support large and small item counts, plus in-stock and virtual inventory

MonstaCommerce supports both manual entry for businesses with smaller item requirements and bulk-upload for those businesses with hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of items. There is a solution for in-stock as well as order-to-store or drop-ship.

MonstaCommerce is easy and affordable for manual-entry businesses!

MonstaCommerce features pre-selected categories and attributes for hundreds of product types. You can start uploading your inventory immediately instead of taking time to create your menus and filters.

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MonstaCommerce is the premier solution for high product count businesses

Share your inventory files with us and we go to work building your online inventory / store.

Large chains invest millions to create their online store and they have a staff of engineers for maintenance. MonstaCommerce delivers for a fraction of the cost. Onboarding is just a few cents per item. Once your products are online there is a monthly maintenance cost that includes engineering support and hosting your content on our servers

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Leave the MONSTA-ROUS JOB to us!

Adding ecommerce to your business is a big job – so don’t go it alone! With MonstaCommerce as your partner, you can focus on your business and let us handle the technical work of bringing your ecommerce presence to life. Online shopping is a powerful trend and you will be ready!

Attention website developers! — Can we be friends?

As a website developer, you’ve had customers want an online store and you’ve had to turn away that business. Now you can add online inventory, and online stores to your tool kit! Add our widgets to your design and watch your full-featured ecommerce solution appear. The MonstaCommerce platform is very flexible and can be configured for a basic display only (for car dealers, restaurants, etc.) or a fully featured ecommerce store with shipping and fulfillment.

Help your customers create their own online store or marketplace.

Expand your customer base to communities that want to offer shop-local programs. Display not only a business directory but also a product directory.

You are invited to share our vision of extending ecommerce to all businesses. Click here to see our attractive partner program for developers and integrators. You probably already have customers that you can refresh. It will cost you very little time to add ecommerce to an existing client but the impact is incredible. Let’s help each other out.